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because even superheroes have to pay the rent sometimes...

    Being a superhero may seem glamorous at first, but when you start adding up the cost of all those cool crime-fighting gadgets, color coordinated jumpsuits, not to mention pending litigation from that former teenage sidekick, even the mightiest caped crusader has to commercialize a bit to keep the bank from foreclosing on his secret underground lair. Maybe it's preaching to kids about the wonders of solar energy and not putting plastic bags over their heads, or replacing all the tools in his trusty utility belt with irresistible Hostess™ fruit pies. Sometimes, it's taking on a villain deemed too laughable for even the Wonder Twins to waste valuable time dealing with, or possibly helping out some of the city's "special" citizens who have yet to overcome the inherent dangers of bipedal locomotion. Whatever the cause, you can probably find some sort of superhero desperate enough to whore himself out for it, and here at P.I.S.S.E.R. we're proud to make sure these important contributions to society get the recognition they deserve.

    In the coming months, P.I.S.S.E.R. plans to release in-depth profiles of some of America's greatest (and most forgettable) special interest superheroes, beginning with...

I'm Sprocket Man! You'd better signal that left-hand turn before I kick your ass!
Hi kids, I'm Smokey Bear! I bet your parents are glad I'm wearing pants right now!
We're the Crack Busters! It's time you junkie scum learned to just say no... to my fist!!!

4 - 4 - 3 - 2!  Our slogan's annoying, and our comic too!

I'm Kool-Aid Man! Taste my cherry-flavored fury! Oh Yeah!!
We're the TRS-80 Whiz kids! Come experience our forbidden incestuous love... of computers!
By the power of my crotch!  It's Captain Electron!!!

Consider yourself pitied,

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  P.I.S.S.E.R. will accept any safety or promotional comics you are willing to donate to our cause. I can also use color or good black and white copies (provided my scanner can read them). If we use your submission, I will include your name and web page link along with the review. For questions, comments, or donations, please e-mail me at:

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